Mortgage Discharge

Have You Paid off Your Mortgage?

What’s the Next Step?

Have You Paid off Your Mortgage?

What’s the Next Step?


Quittance Direct

Your mortgage is fully paid?

Did you know that without a discharge document, the mortgage still appears on your property’s official records even after your mortgage has been settled? An appropriate and recorded discharge of mortgage is the only way to radiate this charge.

Get a mortgage discharge that is:

  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Hassle free
  • Handled by Professionals

A new fast solution to obtain a discharge of mortgage in Quebec.

Within minutes you can apply for a mortgage discharge  that will be posted against the property and write off the existing mortgage. We only need the address of the mortgaged property and the financial institution that holds the mortgage. We take care of the rest. Our services are available across Quebec. Quittance Direct is a new application to obtain a final discharge of your mortgage implemented by Bessette Notaires. (Read more about mortgage discharge)

Bessette Notaires is made up of professional lawyers and notaries grouped in 18 different offices that cover the entire territory of Quebec.